Monday, January 30, 2017

What I am loving lately

Amazon used books. I was looking for this book after hearing her radio show on Sirius Radio Andy, and the kindle version was $9.99. Not outrageous, but I am trying to curb by book budget this year and use the library more. Once I saw that used hardcovers were going for $3.00 with free Prime shipping, I added that to my cart so fast. It arrived in practically brand new condition in 2 days. This might be a new practice of mine!

I had a few minutes in between work appointments, and stopped into Homemakers to look around at furniture and decor. I have been wanting to make a sign just like this for above our pantry, and for the price I got it for, I could not have made it any cheaper {considering I had a gift card for $64.60 after a price adjustment to our bed we bought last year, it came to $64.59!!}. However, I am not a huge Fixer Upper fan, it's alright, but it all ends up looking the same. It gets to be a bit one-note. The Magnolia Home line had a lot of really great pieces that I can work with if I don't pair them all together. 

That's the key. 

Layering and moderation. 

I have had my Grandmothers hope chest since she passed a few years ago. It's been sitting in our garage, and we finally have room for it in the house. After purging some of the kids toys and relocating them to their rooms or the basement, we had this corner that was open, and it fits perfectly. It stores our blankets and it means so much to me to be able to have it in our home. 

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