Friday, February 17, 2017

Bower Book Club

The Nightingale - This may be the best book I've read. I cannot say enough good things about it, and I could not put it down. I am thinking about a re-read again in the next few months.

Small Great Things - This is a wonderful book and another that I had a hard time putting down. I have loved almost every book by Jodi Picoult, and while some tug my heartstrings a bit more than others, her books are very well written, and thought provoking.

Commonwealth - Meh. I had a hard time getting into this book, or even seeing the point of this book. It was just not very interesting, and I kept waiting for something to happen, or a shoe to fall, so to speak, and then it just ended. Disappointing. 

The Hopefuls - meh. Although it ranks as a meh, I did somewhat enjoy it. I am very interested in DC politics and the social life that accompanies it, but this was another that was not as well written as I had hoped. I thought the main characters could have been fleshed out a bit more as to understand their personalities and why they do what they do. 

The Good Girl - Fantastic! Very, very good book. It was a bit suspense, and a bit mystery, but overall a page turner. I highly recommend this book. 

The Girl you left behind - Excellent! I first got into the author by reading her most famous book, Me Before You, and this is very different than that, and dare I say better? Although I did not sob at the end of it like I did for Me Before You, so there is that. 

Big Little Lies - Great! I first read What Alice Forgot by this author, and then promptly read almost all of her other books including the Husbands Secret and this one. I think Big Little Lies is her best to date. I am anxiously awaiting the HBO mini-series based on the book! Look at that cast! I have a feeling it is going to be good. No show or movie ever lives up the book. EVER. I can still enjoy it though!

Join me on goodreads to see what I am reading and what I think of each book. I have joined the reading challenge again this year, and am so far ahead of schedule, but we will see how spring and summer shake out when I am outside a lot with my family. 

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