Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Budget Friendly Guide to the Nordstrom Winter Sale

Nordstrom is one of my very favorite stores. Being in Des Moines, when Nordstrom Rack showed up on the retail scene last year, I did a little jump for joy. While I enjoy popping in from time to time, by wallet prefers that I don't too often. All too often though,I find myself browsing the Nordstrom website and looking at pretties and sometimes they find their way into my cart, and rarely will I even check out, but it does happen ;)

The winter sale is going on now, and here are some of my favorite budget friendly items! It's still holiday spending recovery time for me, but at these prices you can check out guilt free! Or you can get these as gifts for friends and family at really great prices. Either way :)

All Items are under $20!






$7.00 each

And if you are like me, you will buy next year's holiday gifts on sale now and hoard them in your basement, forget about them, buy something else, then find them again and hope you remember the next year to actually use or gift them {whew, that made me tired, and inspired to use a spreadsheet for gifts!}



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