Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shopping, Sickness, and K-Cups

How is that for a random title for the post? A few weeks ago, Avery and I went to MN to see my family and check out a new outlet mall. One of Mom's cousins from Illinois was going to be in the area for the weekend, and we met up with her. I love my Illinois family, so it was an easy decision to drive up and go shopping. 

This girl was also excited, and up before the sun. We snuggled, and she showed me her tricks on Subway Surfer. 

We made a quick pit stop at the local meat locker I used to work at to stock up on brats, summer sausage, jerky, and beef sticks to take home. 

Ready for the Twin Cities Outlet Mall!

We hit up BWW for a late lunch, and so I could be sure to catch the second half of Iowa State vs. Texas A&M men's basketball. 

Avery playing with her cousins. 

Then there is this guy. He cracks us up on the daily. This is how he watches Paw Patrol. 

The Noroviris/Flu bug hit our house last week. It hit it bad. We stayed home on Tuesday initially because it was dicey road conditions, but then when the weather cleared up, our health went down hill. Gavin has had it twice in the previous weeks, then it it Avery on Tuesday morning, me on Wednesday afternoon, and Tony on Thursday evening. We are still getting over it. 

I had wine, it helped. This stuff is gooood!

Gavin is becoming quite the little problem solver. He will carry that step stool around with him, so he can get a boost to grab what he wants. Or he will use it to get on a bar stool, to the Kuerig to "make coffee". Tony sent me this photo on Saturday when I was at work for a few hours. He was in our den preparing tax papers, and comes out to check on the kids to find Gavin turning into a barista. 

Thankfully the machine was off, so he didn't start a cup and burn himself. The little stinker. We caught him again on Sunday trying to do it, but he got scolded from me on that one. 

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