Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Birchbox February '16

My Birchbox this month was a hit! Of the 5 samples I received, I am in love with 3. The other 2 are nice bonuses. A perfume sample that is nice, and some sunscreen I will utilize later this year. 

Below is the outline of my samples this month:

This clay facial mask is incredible. It made my skin feel so smooth, and it acted as an exfoliating scrub as well. I am really liking this brand, as they have a lip gloss/plumper that I use from a previous sample as well. Its pretty awesome. 

Speaking of lips, this lip balm is the bomb. It moisturizes, and it gives just a bit of color, and a nice sheen. I wish it stayed on longer, but I really like it. The sample is large enough too, that it will last me quite a while. 

No on the mane event. This hair cream is life changing. I used it yesterday and it made my naturally curly/wavy hair look beautiful. I don't normally wear my hair naturally curly because I feel like it looks a bit too wild and really messy at times. This changes that. It gave my curls definition, it gave my hair bounce, and it allowed me to style my hair in about 10 min. Game Changer. 

It also is nice because I noticed this morning while brushing out my hair, how much thicker it feels. I am loving this, and will probably purchase the full size when this runs out. It is very reasonable for hair cream too. 

Do any of you subscribe to Birchbox? I have been for almost 2 years now, and while there are plenty of samples I don't use, or don't like, the benefits of trying new products and using make up samples far outweighs this for me. It also allows me to give some samples to Avery to play make up with, and I have shared with my mom and friends. 

The review process to earn points towards purchases is also outstanding. I got a full size of awesome Smashbox eye shadows for very little money since I used my points. I just love it. 

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