Friday, February 12, 2016

Des Moines Home and Garden Show

The Des Moines Home + Garden Show 2016 is going on this weekend. It's always fun to think Spring this time of year, and to dream up what we want to work on for our yard. 

We finished the paver patio last summer, so we will be working on furnishing it and styling it with flowers and plants this summer. 

I would love a couple of these in the yard to plant some veggies. We want to start making out own salsa, and think it would be fun to have a garden with the kids. We have a small rabbit population that likes our yard, and I like how this is raised and decorative, to protect the plants. It could be used for flowers if our gardening hobby doesn't pan out. I think I will need to cash in Mother's Day and Birthday for these. 


Work has been going well. We are hard at work on some custom and semi-custom homes. The Des Moines Register came out this week to photograph the model home in our new development: Acadia.

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Happy Valentine's Day this weekend, and Happy Birthday to Papa Steve on Sunday! 

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