Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Big 12 Basketball - Tourney in KC

After watching the Cyclones' first game on Thursday over my lunch, and then seeing that Kansas lost {cheaper tickets for fans when they lose...} Tony and I decided to make the trip to KC earlier than planned to watch the second game vs. TCU on Friday night. 

We put the StubHub app on my phone and got ourselves some tickets. We also arranged for 2 nights in our hotel instead of 1, and we were set. 

We were in the 3rd row of the balcony, and loved our seats. They were affordable, and we had a great view and could spread out a bit. It was easily 75% Cyclone crowd for this game.  About halfway through the second half, and past the point of worrying about the jinx, we pulled up the StubHub app again and bought tickets for the championship game. We stayed for the next one as well to see who the Cyclones would play in the championship. WV in the last 10 seconds!

We hit the Power & Light District after the game for a drink and snack. It was crowded with happy Cyclone fans having a great time!

Saturday night, after a stop at Kelly's Westport Inn {THE Cyclone bar in KC}, we picked up our tickets at a swanky hotel for the StubHub booth. 

Our seats were a little higher, as was the percentage of Cyclone fans in the Sprint Center. It was easily 90/10 in favor of Iowa State!


Power & Light after the game! 


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