Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Work It Wednesday

March 1! Where has the time gone this year?! I feel like the calendar just turned to 2017, and now it's almost time to turn our clocks forward. It will be a welcome change to be lighter in the evenings and hopefully warmer too. 

It's been busy y'all. I took some time off at work to be able to spend some time with the kids for various conferences, and music class observations. I was able to pick up this cutie from school and walk home. It has been so unseasonably warm for February that I am afraid March is going to be terrible. Tell me it isn't so!

I texted this picture to my mom on Saturday asking which boot to wear. I got sidetracked and about walked out of the house with 1 of each on. I ended up going with the black. They are the comfiest boot from Target that I love! The Iowa State shirt is from the little boutique near my office that I visit entirely too often. 

Work has also been really busy lately, and that is a great thing. I just love my job. This is a custom home that is just about done being painted. I can't wait to get in there to see it all pretty and ready for granite, light fixtures, appliances, etc. 

Custom built in's for the lower level family room. 

A reading nook for the grandchildren under the stairs. 

Obviously I do a lot more for work, but there are not such fun photos that accompany those tasks. Pricing out finish options just doesn't photograph as well! LOL. Life as a designer is a lot more paperwork than you are lead to believe, let me tell ya. 

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