Monday, June 13, 2016


This is a series I like to call 'Gavin with books and his feet crossed'

The way he crosses his feet when he is reading and looking at books just kills me. He studies books, and now has some of his favorites memorized. Yesterday he recited Dr. Suess 'Are you my Mother' and he told me he was not my mother, he was a cow. 

He is flipping through my book from the library on Tudor history in England {Nerd Alert!}

A client we built a custom home for a few years ago dropped off 2 large shopping bags full of 'Summer Reads' as she calls them. Light, fluffy romances. I texted my mom this photo and told her we hit the mother load. She replied that there appears to be a few in there she hasn't read yet. Gavin's bookworm tendencies come to him naturally. 

What are some other good books to read this summer? 

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