Monday, June 6, 2016

Boating at Big Creek Lake

On Saturday, Tony arranged a pontoon rental for us and some friends to celebrate my birthday. {Actual birthday is this Wednesday 6/8}

We started around 10 AM with some friends and set out on the lake. It was gorgeous out, and the weather could not have been more perfect for us. The pontoon held up to 16 people, and with children, we had 14 to start. It was very comfortable. 

The kids loved being on board, and looking out into the water. The marina at the state park provided life jackets for us all and got us started. There was also a grill aboard, so we were able to pack hot dogs, brats, and burgers to make for lunch. 

The kids especially were very well behaved and were having such a wonderful time. It was so fun for us parents to watch our kids jumping in to swim, and playing with each other. 

These kids have been friends since birth. We joked that this photo would end up on all their graduation party photo boards. 

Our Gavin was not exactly as excited to be on the water as the rest of the kids. Cold water, wind, and being overtired will do that to a 3 year old. He was more excited to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house in the afternoon. Tony's parents picked up the kids around 1:30 so they could get a nap, get out of the sun, and we could enjoy the pontoon and some beverages sans children. 

Thank you to all our friends that joined us! It was a really fun day that I really appreciated. Cheers to turning 35!

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