Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap

I started walking in the mornings again. The weather has been so nice, and it is also nice to have this quiet time to clear my head. 

We went to Minnesota this weekend for the first time in months! We celebrated our niece's 13th birthday. I just cannot come to terms with her being 13. She is a lovely young woman too. Props to my brother for being a single dad and doing an amazing job with her! 

Papa got the tire swing back out for the grandkids, and I think Gavin spent several hours over the course of the weekend on this, the hammock, and moving rocks from one pile to another. He loves it at Grandma and Papa's house. 

Playing ball with the big girls. 

 Oh, these two. 5 months apart and the best of friends. 

He lets her boss him around a little bit for now too. 

Kickball on Saturday night, and I am sore on Monday morning!

We had a bonfire as per usual and noticed that there was a really bright star. I think all of us downloaded an astronomy app on our phones and discovered it was actually the planet Jupiter. 

Being out in the country, away from the city and suburban lights really made the stars brighter for me. I've been away from country living for too long now :)

Sunday was another gorgeous day, and we had a big breakfast and played outside again as we all packed up to head home. My brother had his new camper set up and my parents brought theirs out of storage and we had a mini campground set up as well. It worked great and the kids loved playing in them. 

Time for tractor rides before heading home. 


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