Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Weekend in Minnesota

Gavin was ready for a road trip!

We headed to Minnesota bright and early last Saturday morning. My grandma turned 80 this week, and we threw her a little party. 

She is a hilarious woman. Very family minded and has quite a few stories to tell. She grew up in North Carolina, met my Grandpa when he stopped at the gas station she worked at, went across state lines to marry him, and then moved way north to Minnestoa where he was from, and his family farmed. She learned how to be a farm wife from his family, and has stayed close to them to this day. They later divorced, around the time I was born, but they were very cordial to each other and still hosted family holidays together, that I just assumed that all divorced people were still friendly with each other. 

This is Grandma with most of her great-grandchildren. I think only 2 are missing. 

It was really windy, so my brother got out the kites for the kids to fly. 

They also brought a karaoke machine to sing to grandma. We had to have the party inside the shop because it was really, really windy, and unseasonably cold. 

We rounded up photos of Grandma and made her a Shutterfly photo album of her through the years. She was really touched by it.

Avery's card to Grandma...

Our neice Beah is obsessed with Gavin. She loves him and just wants to play with him. He could care less, he just wants to eat his cake!

He sure does love his Papa though. He asked all week to go to Papa's house. 

It was safe to say that Avery had a good time, and played hard, she fell asleep on the way home Sunday like this:

Happy 80th Grandma! We are lucky to have you.

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