Friday, May 13, 2016

The Mom Cut

I wish I would have been home last Saturday night {I was out with my cousin who was in town from IL for a club volleyball tourney} to see this:

 or I may have avoided a drastic haircut earlier this week. 

Avery went with me to my hair appointment, and we were able to get her hair cut as well. I was feeling like my hair was too thin to be much longer, and I don't think I am cut out for extensions to thicken it up. So I saw my stylists hair, and told her to do the same on mine. 

It did not turn out the same, as it is much shorter. My hair will grow I know, but I cut A LOT off, and am still getting used to it. 




In the meantime, I have been watching this all week...
It's hilarious!

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