Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Making a fairy garden.

My mom came down for part of the long holiday weekend, and she brought a fairy garden with her! Well, she brought the supplies, and she and Avery put it together. Avery picked what she wanted out of the plants, fence, and layout. 

She found the fairy garden supplies at her local nursery, but you can get them on Amazon too. 

Avery chose her plants, and which accessories from Grandma's stash to use. She even allocated a Fairy for Gavin. We told my mom that Gavin was not into arts and crafts, and would have no interest in building his own fairy garden, so she brought him some Matchbox cars, and he was a happy boy.

Avery loved using the water marbles for her river. She has been obsessed with them lately. 

They created a walk way out of small slate mosaic tile from the bridge to the fairy house, and filled in the yard with moss. 

We also added a solar light, and it was complete. It really added to our deck!

Mom sent me a photo of her fairy garden last night. This way there is one at each grandchild's house, and at Grandma's too. 

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