Monday, May 23, 2016

Saturday Love

I took the kids to the Library again on Saturday to return our books, and select new. It was insanely beautiful all weekend, so the Library was quiet and the kids ipads were open for them to play on, so I let them since we don't usually allow too much screen time at home. They love the Toca Monster games. 

I loved getting to flip through a design book. 

After lunch and a nap for the kids, we set up the water table on the back patio while I read my new book from the Library. 

The kids had a blast filling up their buckets and running to the playhouse to splash it on the wall and then back again. 

The back patio has been awesome so far this year. I got Tony some zero gravity chairs for our anniversary, so we have those down there for now to sit and watch the kids play. 

It was so nice out that we got the fire pit ready to go, and Avery got the hot dogs out. 

Roasting hot dogs for dinner. The kids loved this. Gavin was so happy sitting in my lap watching the hot fire and eating his hot dog. I am loving our new patio in the backyard and this weekend was just perfect for us to relax and yet, get some stuff done around the house {and yard}

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