Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

Avery had her preschool Mother's Day event last Friday, and they had these cute little bugs that the kids made. Her face just kills me. The program was of course adorable, especially when they sang the Beatles '8 Days a Week' and substituted the word MOM in there. 

We were able to enjoy the nice weather on the front porch and yard. Tony's parents stopped by to pick up their dog Snoopie, who had been with us for a few days. 

I woke up for Mother's Day to breakfast in bed, and the best little floral arrangement that Avery made. She told her Daddy that she wanted to give me flowers that will last and had water marbles. 

Of course, we also went and got real flowers that will last a long time too {as long as those rascally rabbits stay away!}

Sunday was turning into a busy day, as we also had a graduation party to go to for our niece, Nicole. 

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids. 

Life has been good. Busy with work, the kids' schools and their programs and activities. The kids' new school had Mother's Day breakfast for us last Friday - 

 Avery started Gymnastics again and that will keep us occupied on Thursday nights for the foreseeable future. Gavin starts in a few weeks:

We are also really enjoying being outside, and working on our yard and landscaping projects. We just need to get our garden plants going, get some furniture for our new patio, and then build a new landscaping bed. We will be busy this summer!

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